Vis3rWiki:Admin noticeboard

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This is the official admin noticeboard for the Vis3r wiki. This page details the current and recurring tasks that are being handled by the admin team and trusted users.

This page can be useful for editors looking to find out how often bot actions are done or what big change is planned next.

Recurring tasks

Also done by normal users

These are links that should be checked over to ensure nothing strange is going on.

  • Broken redirects -- Should only contain pages that are not yet translated, any pages that do not already exist in English should be removed
  • Double redirects -- Must always stay empty. In the event of A>B>C, make A>C directly.
  • Unused files -- Ensure no new files appear here (from your perspective, some may be used in the future) and mark them for deletion/delete them. Files that were uploaded recently (around 1-2 weeks ago) can stay, but after that they can and should be deleted.

Admin only

Actions to clean up these categories should be done according to common sense. Some time in the future we should have a public policy on what do delete and what to keep etc, but for now only Hugo handles big deletions.