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This is the official editor noticeboard for the Vis3r wiki. This is a general dispatcher page that editors seeking information about what to do or the state of the wiki can check.

This wiki is the work of a team. The goal is for people to add information or bring it into better context, create images, or design the layout of the pages, with the end goal to provide an easy place for beginners to Factorio to gain information.

The team communicates through the talk-pages ("Discussion" tab at the top). It's very important to check recent changes ("View History" tab at the top of the page). History will show you all the changes people have made to the page. Additionally, checking "Recent Changes" on the sidebar is also recommended. You can change the shown results in preferences!

Editor announcements

None at the moment.

Links to monitor

These are links that should be checked over to ensure nothing strange is going on.

  • Broken redirects -- Should only contain pages that are not yet translated, any pages that do not already exist in English should be removed
  • Double redirects -- Must always stay empty. In the event of A>B>C, make A>C directly.
  • Unused files -- Ensure no new files appear here (from your perspective, some may be used in the future) and mark them for deletion.

Misc Recurring tasks

These tasks are common maintenance and must be done repeatedly.

Read through the pages (of your language) and correct mistakes or bad language usage. Mistakes can include typos, outdated information, wrong information, bad formatting, etc.
Special page checking
Please be sure to look at special pages often, specifically ones concerning issues such as broken or double redirects, etc. Sorting out these problems makes the wiki more organized and sane.
Page design
This is about the look and feel of this wiki. Deep knowledge of Mediawiki's template system is not really needed, but will help. For the beginning just try to understand how the current templates work. Make your own test-page in your user-space and try to program around. It can be really fun because this task is more or less like programming. If you need assistance, be sure to check the "help" link on the sidebar of the Wiki, as it can give lots of information about the markup of the Mediawiki language.
A context specialist focuses on providing context. Creating links between pages, setting up Navboxes, marking old pages for archive/deletion, etc. Please do not make large changes without consulting an admin.
Community interaction
You may also field questions and assist other editors, or members of the greater community. If you are unsure, please refer the community member to an Admin.